Get It Beauty 2016 EP01 [Anti-aging]

Bad habits that will make you age:

  1. Using a toner with alcohol around the eye area: toners with alcohol can throw off the skin balance, so if you use it around the eyes you can get a lot of wrinkles
  2. Forgetting to use sunscreen: using sunscreen must be the last part of your AM skincare. UV ray is the number one external factor in ageing, if you forget to use it, you’ll age faster. You must use it always, even when cloudy or rainy, and even if you stay inside.
  3. Resting your chin on your hands. If you do this often and for a long time, it presses the area and it may make your face look asymmetric and cause it to wrinkle. She also mentions the “smartphone face” that habit that makes you look down when looking at your smarphone and will make your chin look saggy
  4. Using straws too often. It will make your lips to wrinkle which can disort the shape of your lips
  5. Sleeping on your stomach. You laid on one side and that will presses your face, causing it to wrinkle and deep furrows. It will also make your face look asymmetric.
  6. Eating white chocolate thinking that it is antioxidant. Indeed, cacao in the chocolate has flavonoid, which is a type of polyphenol that has an antioxidant effect, but white chocolate only has very little and has a lot of sugar and butterfat which can cause trouble for the skin
  7. Daily cleansing shouldn’t take too long. Don’t massage the face with cleansing cream with makeup on, you will be rubbing the dirt against your face, so if you get that absorbed by your pores, you skin will be troubled. When using cleansing cream, keep the time under five minutes, maybe a minute or two
  8. There is not scientific proof that salmon will help you with dark circles (eating it, or placing it in the area). The collagen has big molecules that wont get through the skin.

Anti-aging tips

(this tips were given by two women that looked younger than their age)

Juice for avoiding constipation. Good bowel movements are important to prevent skin trouble and with that, preventing scars that will not allow you to have clear skin. Recommendation: Hibiscus tea, two cups a day. It has plenty vitamin C and is very effective to relieve constipation. Detox Juice: tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, broccoli and fresh seasonal fruits. Drink with empty stomach in the morning and before dinner.

“Makeup base and makeup need to be lighter than a feather”

Makeup base: toner, rejuvenation cream, sunscreen. Makeup: BB or CC cream to correct the tone

Dry Skin: locking oil in her skin as priority. Serum, face oil, moisturizing cream, sunscreen. “Moisturizing is key to fight wrinkles”

Cleanse and cleanse again.

Organic soap and pearl barley powder to exfoliate (helps with whitening)

Face oil to cleanse face without irritation > organic soap > cleansing wash

Age-defying makeup tips:

Light colors as base to look rosy and lively “Juicy Makeup”

Moist and lively base as foundation. In order to make your skin glow and look lively you must use pink colored pearl  base, which will bright the skin tone.

Cover complexion with a moist foundation with good coverage instead of putting a lot of layers. Use the foundation to cover flaws and pores

Don’t use dark colored shadow for contouring

Too dark brow color will make you look stronger and older

Apply cream based on lids before eyeshadow to bright up the color, only in the middle

Fill with liquid eyeliner between lashes instead of doing eyeliner to look younger

Lip tin for coloring the lips and gloss only in the middle to add volume

Talking Mirror: Suzy

Her main focus are hydration, whitening and anti-aging

Whitening: for transparent and bright skin

Hydration & anti-aging: keep the skin hydrated to prevent any fine lines

She doesn’t use a lot of products because if she do she feels that her skin cant breath.

Products she talked about:  The Face Shop White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream, The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

Suzy also gives some makeup tips at the end


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