About this web

What is “The Korean Skincare Guide”

A place where you can find easily the product you are looking for (or at least, that’s the idea :P)

Since last year I have researched a lot of korean skincare products for my sister, my mother and me, so I came out with this idea since I always have a hard time finding the information I need.

The products you will see here are not random products I choose, before I include it here I research if the product is good, bad or…. meh, and I will only add it if I see it’s good

Why Korean Skincare Products

I became interested on Korean skincare products when I found out that Korea is years ahead on skincare.

You can find really good and awesome products for a really affordable price, so they have the best quality/price balance (in my opinion)

How to know if a product is good for you?

You NEED to know your skin type and what you want to treat, when you figure that out, you will know what product you can/want use.

I try to give the key information for you to know, like skin type, what does the product give, what does the product treats, ingredients, etc. But even knowing all that, there may be a difference between individuals for the effect, that’s why it may happen that you read awesome reviews of a product and the description suits your skin type/concern, but the products is not as good on you than on others, or the opposite, that the products works the best on you.

How to look for products

If you are here you have already seen how my post are like. I decide a topic and I make the post with products that are meant for that specific topic, but you can find that kind of product on another post, I’ll explain it better with an example:

You have oily/acne prone skin, and you are looking for products that suit that skin type. You can go the Acne | Pimple Care category but also on Cleansers you can find product for that skin type

My recommendation is to use the search option, just type a key work, like “acne” or “oily” and you will find all the posts that have products for that 🙂